Monday, May 7, 2012

"Barbie" caviar mani, manis of the week and extras!!!

My "barbie " caviar mani 
colors: zoya jolene (hot pink) & OPI pink friday w/ caviar microbeads

Well happy monday to you! 
How did you guy's week/ weekend go?! Mines went pretty good, the highlight of mines was my celebration (really didn't celebrate it ) of cinco de mayo by taking patron shots lol and seeing the avengers (GREAT movie btw) with my boyfriend... yeah so pretty much didn't do anything extravagant.
 Lately I've been discovering and practicing on my nail art skills, I can say that I like the results of them but I can get better

my 1st attempt at dry water marbling

half moon nautical mani

So remember the last post (don't know look back) I had with the poll on should I do a tutorial on a nail art,   my ombre shorts or both? well you guys voted and the winner is.....BOTH!! 
 so PLEASE stay tuned for both tutorials and I'll be doing them on video; my youtube channel debut lol

well Im off to officially start my day

love ya

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  1. You did really well with the water marbling. I really liked the caviar Mani.

    1. thank you :) I really liked doing the dry marbling i was scared of how it would turn out though