Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Battle of the eyeliner

Find out which of these liners made the cut after the jump!

Top to Bottom
e.l.f (eyes lips face) - $1
N.Y.C (new york color) kohl brow/eyeliner - $1
Ulta dual end eye liner - $8
Sephora nano eyeliner - $5
Urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in perversion - $17

So I been doing make up for quite awhile and I'm always on the search for a good black eyeliner that will last on my (small little) eyes and most of all don't SMUDGE! 
 Gel liners and liquid liners usually last longer on me But I always have a tougher time finding a good kohl pencil that can give me the pigmentation that I want and last like a gel or a liquid

So I went into my make-up stashed and gathered 5 of the most used kohl liners I had and decided to compare them and see which one stands out the most

1. e.l.f
This didnt give me the pigmentation that I wanted but its good to throw in the makeup bag for on the go
2. N.Y.C
Even though it gives me some pigmentation I HATE how it dont glide smoothly on my skin, it feels like its tugging it
I like this pencil, I dont have any issues with it
I love sephora brand products but i HATE this pencil with a passion!!! Its too wide that it cant fit into a standard sharpener and it crumbles when I put it on and not to mention the wood sticks out. Not a good pencil and a waste of my $5
5. Urban Decay
I LOOOOVEEE this pencil!!! I actually have 2 more of these pencils in brown and a lighter black shade. Lately I been grabbing this thing more than my gel and liquid liners. Oh yeah and it glides on like silk!

Heres how the liners look after I lightly smudged them after 15 mins

after 30 mins

So who's the winner

Urban Decay! They dont call it a 24/7 pencil for nothing!

My Ulta pencil came in 2nd place

another thing you can do to make your liners last longer is to take an angled eyeliner brush and a matte black eyshadow and gently pat the shadow on the liner after you applied it
eyeshadow - NYX $6
Brush - e.l.f $3

I hope this was helpful for you
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Till next time 


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