Monday, May 14, 2012

D.I.Y studded ombre colored cut-off shorts!!!

 After many comments, request and votes..its finally here my fun D.I.Y on how to have your own studded ombre colored shorts!!!

(my 1st pair of colored shorts I added pyramid studs)

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So my inspiration for this actually came from when I saw Rihanna's pictures from this years cochella. I liked her spiked coved shorts and wanted some. I saw that the ragged priest click here for site designed the shorts and was selling them for $95. To me thats expensive for a pair of shorts. I saw their other shorts and liked them and I thought "I can make these myself for way cheaper".

So lets get started!!!
Im going to be using a teal and yellow dye for my 2 colors

you will need:

 an old pair of jeans

1. Two different colors of fabric dye (you can find these @ an arts & crafts store)
2. Scissors, tweezers, nail clipper (optional)
3. Four teaspoons of salt for the dye, GLOVES (these are mandatory!), a bucket or medium sized container, and bleach.
4. Studs (best advice buy online. I got mines at

1. Try on your jeans; walk around in them for a little bit so you can get a good fit
2. take a pen or marker and on the side of your leg mark where you want to cut you jeans (advice: mark your jeans to a long length before deciding how short you actually want them)
3. look in the mirror to make sure everything is correct (throws the peace sign @ you guys)
4. take a ruler and make an even line at the front and back of your jeans and cut
5. try jeans on, if you want them shorter repeat step 2 and 4. This time they should be a perfect length for you

To fray your jeans, take your tweezers and pull downward. This will take a little time to do but at the end it will be worth it. Also use your scissors to add holes :)

For these jeans I wanted to add a studded back pocket

1. turn the pants backwards and find the back pocket seam ( my jeans the seam will be located on the left pocket, right side) break the seam and unravel 3/4 of the thead
2. (optional) take a nail clipper and cut the top (the thicker thread) of the back pocket seam
3. your pocket should look like this. Use the darker color as a guide for your studding
4. cover dark colors with studs! 

Use your medium sized container or sink, pour bleach and 1 cup of water and wait NO LONGER THAN 15 MINS for jeans to turn. If you wait longer the bleach will WEAKEN the fabric and your jeans will tear!!!!
WEAR YOUR GLOVES!!!! RINSE WELL. Ring access water out and place in dryer till jeans are 80% dry


1. Boil a pot of water, place in container/sink, add 4 teaspoons of salt and 1/2 packet of fabric dye.
2.  place pants clip hanger on end of jeans and dip jeans in dye for 10-15 mins while stirring dye. Add remaining dye to water, dip lower portion of jeans to die for 5 mins
3. ring dye out and switch hanger position
4. repeat steps 1 - 3 for new colored dye
5. rinse well with cold water and hang to dry

And look at you girlfriend with your new jeans!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and found it helpful! If you attempt to try this let me know how it turned out!!

Re-pin this look on pinterest, comment below, share this on Facebook and Twitter, and enjoy!!!

Love ya

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  1. Now, which jeans should i destroy?? lol

    1. lol destroy however much you want!!