Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get Nailed!: My nail polish obsession q&a

As some of you know or may not know that I have a nail polish obsession!  I know some of you guys wonder why I have so many bottles or post my nail art up and my answer to that is because I LOVE IT!! It's my passion, Its something I love to do.  

Over the time I been asked a lot of questions about my nails and also someone from youtube tagged me a q&a nail question, so I'm going to be answering all of those questions starting now lol

Q: Why are you obsessed about your nails?
A: We all have an obsession about something mines happen to be doing my nails. I like how it makes me look and I can also express my creative side.

Q: Can you remember that name and brand of the first  nail polish you owned?
A: Well the brand and color that made me begin my collection is essie turquoise and caicos. I still own it and is one of my favorite colors to this day

Q: What's your favorite nail polish company?
A: Essie! I am an essie girl! I also like OPI, china glaze and beginning to like Zoya

Q: Glitter or no glitter?

A: I love glitter! Sometimes its a pain to get off but I love how it makes your nails look

Q: OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?

A: All of them are great brands that I love

Q: When do you change your nail polish?

A: Haha like every 2-3 days. I get bored with a color very fast and also I don't like when I start to see chips and cracks on my nails

Q: What's your favorite color on your nails?

A: Pinks, Pastels and dark colors, I like how they make my nails look and they are the colors I get the most compliments on.

Q: Darks or Brights?
A: Darks for the fall/winter time and Brights for the spring/summer time but every now and then I will pop up with a black mani in the summer and a bright neon pink in the winter!

Q: What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
A: Its an ombre nail that fades from yellow to white that i tried a few days ago AND that I'm going to be posting a tutorial on next so be on the look out for that!!!

Q: Matte Nails--In or Out?

A: OUT! I hate the matte look! I want my nails to be shiny and glossy not plain and dull. For me I'm not into these nail trends like the crackle, matte and etc. I like to be original and start my own trend

Q. French Manicure?
A: French mani's are boring to me

Q: Favorite Winter Color?
A: greys and black

Hope that answer you guy's questions :) 

P.S if you have any other questions you will like to ask me leave a comment below or contact me through Facebook  Twitter or my Email

oh yes the comment selection is now enable for all visitors!! So please leave me a comment down below

Love ya xoxo
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1 comment:

  1. I love glitter!!! I like french manicure's but with a twist. I like to make them, um??? different! I know what you mean by changing the color every 2 days!