Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Galaxy nail tuitorial!!

To infinity and Beyond!! <--- ok that was cheesy lol

As promised I said that I was going to post a nail tutorial, so I thought why not show you guys how to do a galaxy mani. 
Believe it or not this was a very EASY to do nail art, thats fun to do and overall will make your nails look pretty and receive a lot of compliments.

Lets get started on what you will need

nail polish remover
cotton balls and swabs: for clean up
cosmetic sponge or wedge cut up: for color blending

Base coat and top coat
I use OPI natural nail strengthener 
(its very good if you nails are weak or if your coming off the acrylic nails)
but for this I'm going to use the ridge filler
  For the top coat I recommend seche vite. 
(I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!... it gives the extra shine and dries FAST!)

you don't have to get the colors I'm using, just have similar ones

midnight (dark) blue - essie midnight cami
light (neon) blue - sally hansen blue me away!
(barbie) pink - zoya jolene
lavender - OPI a grape fit
pastel green - essie navigate her
light grey - essie master plan
white - essie blanc
glitter w/ multi-color hexagon - revlon stunning

Lets paint!!

start by washing your hands and remove any old polish, oil or dirt off your nail bed and apply the base coat. Let it dry for 1 minute

apply 2 coats of  the dark blue. let it dry for 1 - 2 minutes
TIP: leave a gap near the edges and cuticle to avoid polish getting on it and to have a professional look

Take your light blue, paint the edge and dab the wedge onto your nails

next, take the pink and a new cut wedge and dab it in random spots, I dabbed near the outer corners 

Take the light green wedge and dab towards the center 

Take the grey and white wedge and dab in the center

add one coat of your glitter polish and top coat

clean up any polish that got on your edges 


Vola! you have a Galaxy Mani!!!

I told you it was easy to do. Let me know what you think of it, if you tried it or whatever!!

Also, you don't have to use all the colors I used, you can use black instead of blue, a medium to dark green and a grey to get the look, its up to you

BTW this is my first tutorial that I've ever done so let me know how I did, if you want me to do another tutorial or whatever!!

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  1. Hey Ebony!

    This is Sara from Sephora. This looks so awesome! I need to acquire these colors. lol! I'll let you know how it turns out when I try it.

  2. Hey Sara! thank you and I wanna see how yours turned out!!