Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman O.P.I Collection

The Official "The Amazing Spiderman" Trailer in theaters July, 3

Will you be seeing this movie?

I have been a big and I mean BIG superhero cartoon and movie fan for as long as I can remember! Some of my favorite superhero shows and movies that I loved were Batman (can't wait for the Dark Knight movie to come out!), X-men, The avengers ( excited for this movie to come too) Ironman and my favorite of all time.... SPIDERMAN!!! I am a HUGE spiderman fan!!! I loved the classic 70's spiderman cartoons and I admit I watch them sometimes on Netflix when I can't find anything else to watch, and I liked the sequel movies. 

When I heard that another spiderman movie was going to be released I was happy. I watched the trailer but this one didn't really excite me as much because its not going to have the same characters but Emma Stone is going to be on this one and she's one of my favorite actresses.

I guess we will have to see how this movie turns out

O.P.I are releasing their limited edition spiderman nail polish collection in may.

( color description from left to right)

Your Web or Mine : Spider-Man Red (shade color in 2nd pic)

Shatter the Scales: a deep green shimmer Shatter coat inspired by graffiti art 
My Boyfriend Scales Walls: a cityscape white w/ a hint of grey

Call Me Gwen-ever: a cool cora 
Your Web or Mine?: a pretty pink
Just Spotted the Lizard: 
a duo-toned yellow-green
Number One Nemesis: a sparkling nickel shade 
Into the Night: 
a shiny midnight blue

 I know that I will be getting my boyfriend scales me, Call me Gwen-ever and into the night

photo credit:

what do think about this collection? will you purchase some of the colors? If so which ones?! 

Share your thoughts!!
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