Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mani of the week (MOTW) & a little update on my life

Hey loves! I been on a almost 3 week hiatus but I'm back! so much had been going on that I've been slacking on this blog =[ 
My MOTW is a summer neon leopard print that I've been loving so much. It was surprising very easy-to-do  all you do is make random dots on the nail bed and with a nail brush, take your black nail polish and make C's and parenthesis on the nail. The colors I used was Sinful colors innocent (neon lime) and sally hansen the sky is the limit (sky blue)

Now If you follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter you may have know that I announced that i cut my hair! yes I cut my hair! The reason I decided/have to get a cut was because when I recently dyed my hair auburn, it damaged my hair =[ and I also wanted a change for myself. So far I'm loving it so much! I have those days when I get frustrated when I'm trying to style it and it won't work out for me but overall I love the cut on me 

Another thing that I announced was that I have a dog! His name is Rocky hes a beagle mixed  and I adopted him a week ago. I went to so many pet stores in Tampa and online searching for a puppy until something told me to just go to the humane society and find one. When I first saw him he was very shy and reserved but once I took him home he warmed up and been loving the place and my family ever since.

Well I'm going to try my best this week to do a new post (I have a fun tutorial in mind). In the mean time SUBSCRIBE to this blog (button located on top left) add me on facebook, twitter and instagram (all links located on top right)

Love you
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1 comment:

  1. Hi! Thanks for following! :)
    I've decided to check out your blog and I find it really awesome! I love you nail art especially the neon green leopard print.

    Check out mine if you have time.