Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simple Solutions: restoring your broken powder makeup

Hey loves!

Ahhhh! Dont you just HATE it when you drop your favorite eyeshadow or powder makeup and afterwards you just dont feel like using it anymore?!

You can easily restore your favorite make up just by using a few items that you most likely have laying around in your home

All you need is 
- 70-90% isopropyl alcohol
- a piece of cloth
- a plastic spoon
- a butter knife (not shown)

1. Take your spoon and crush your make up until it turns into a fine powder

2. Add a small amount of alcohol into your makeup, not too much or your makeup will get to liquid-y, stir until it form into a paste like substance

3. use your spoon or a butter knife and smooth until the makeup is even on the pan

4. Place your cloth over your make up and using your fingers gently press the make up. For my foundation I used the bottom of my lotion bottle. The cloth will absorb the alcohol making it faster for the make up to dry

5. Let your make up dry

And now that destroyed make up you had looks like new again!!


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